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Q1  Second appeal  Under  RTI  Can  lie within

 90 days

Q2   The Consumer protection act  1986 was extends to

Answer : Whole India except  the state of J& K
Q3  A complaint  under   the consumer  protection act  1986 means

Answer  D (  All of these)

Q4   Each district  forum  shall consist  of

Answer  President and two members
Q5   Subject to other provision of  consumer  protection act the district  forum shall have jurisdiction
To entertain complaints  where the value  of the goods  or services  and the compensation  if any claimed “ does not exceeds  rupees

 Answer  20  Lacs

Q6  Any person aggrieved by an order made by the district forum may prefer an appeal against such order to the state commission  within a period of

Answer  30  Days 
Q7  The national consumer commission  shall consists of

Answer  : president  and not less than four members
Q8  Where a request is received under RTI  is received  which relates to  or  has been supplied  by a third party , the CPIO or SPIO  will give a notice to that third party  and make  submission to party  regarding the request  within

Answer  : Five  Days
Q9  The numbers  of central information  commissioners in central information commission shall

Answer  : Not Exceed Ten
Q10 Application  seeking information  under RTI   should be RTI  should be

Answer  D  any  of them
Q11  The state commission of  consumer forum  have jurisdiction to entertain  complaints  where the value of  goods or services  and compensation claimed

Exceeds  Rupees  Twenty  Lakh  but not exceeds  One Core
Q12  Any Person aggrieved by an order made by the state  commission of  consumer  forum  may prefer an appeal against  such order  

Answer :  30  Days

Q13  Section 20 of CPC  does not apply to

Answer : Arbitration Proceedings
Q14 A stipulation  for increased interest  from the date of default  is known as
Answer : Compensation

Q15  In case the  suit has been instituted  in a court  having no jurisdiction , territorial  or pecuniary , the plaint  is liable to be

Answer :
Q16   Caveat  filed under the provisions of the  civil procedure  code shall not remain  in force after the expiry of

Answer : 90  Days

Q17  In case  where the defendant  sets up  counter claim  the suit of  plaintiff is stayed , discontinued , or dismissed  the counter –claim

Answer   Shall be stayed

Q18  All the money payable under a decree  shall be paid

Answer D  all of these
Q19   A garnishee is

Answer   None of these

Q20  The main purpose of  a temporary injection  granted under  O 39  R 1 of the code of  civil procedure 1908 is

Answer  : To Preserve  the subject matter of  suit  in the status quo

Q21 Section 89 of  the code of civil procedure  1908 provides for

Answer : Settlement of   disputes outside the court

Q22  A  Vakalatnama  remains  in force  until

Answer : All   proceedings in the suit  have ended

Q23  Every pledging  must defense
Answer :

Q24 Under section 80   of civil procedure code  a notice of how many days  is required  to be delivered  before institution  of suit against the government

Answer : Two Months
Q25  The petition under  Article 32  of constitution

Answer D None of these

Q26  When supreme court  sits  to determine  any question  involving  a substantial question  of law as to the interpretation  of the constitution  or for tendering  its advice , the minimum number of judges to constitute  the bench  should be 

Answer   : Five

Q27  The  power of judicial review  is enjoyed  by

Answer : Supreme Court Only

Q28  Which one of the following writs can be  issued  against a private individual  by high court

Mandamus    Habeas Corpus ,  Quo warranto     None of these

Answer : Habeas  Corpus
Q29  Double Jeopardy means

Answer : Putting the same person   on trial twice  for the same offence

Q30  The article 227  of  the Indian  Constitution deals with

Answer : High court power  of superintendence

Q31 The constitution  amendment bills are initiated in 

Answer  Lok Sabha

Q32  Which article  of Indian Constitution  deals with  the government  contracts

Answer : Article  299

Q33  The supreme court of India  enunciated  the doctrine  “Basic Structure of constitution in

Answer : Keshavananda Bharati case in 1973
Q34  Delay in filling the suit

Answer :

Q35  Under the Indian Evidence act 1872 presumption

Answer D All of these

Q36 The doctrine of estoppel  is a

Answer : Rule of equity

Q37  Warrant case  means  a case

Answer : Relating to  an offence punishable with death imprisonment  for life  or imprisonment for a term  exceeding two years

Q38   This is proceeding  whereby  the court enquires into the legality of the claim which a party asserts
 To a public  office and to oust  him from  its enjoyment if the claim be not be well founded

Answer  : Writ of Quo  Warranto
Q39 What is issued  by the supreme court or a high court  to an inferior  court  forbidding the latter  to continue  proceedings there in excess of its jurisdiction or to usurp a jurisdiction with which  it is not legally vested  

Answer : Suo Motto Order
Q40  Point out incorrect statement
Answer :

Q41  No  Citizen shall , on grounds only of religion , race , caste  sex , descent ,place of birth  residence or any of them be ineligible  for , discriminated against in respect  of any employment or  office under the state . This right is guaranteed by  the constitution of India under

Article 16 

Q42  A Member  of parliament  has to right refuse to appear before a court  for giving  evidence in a court of law . This privilege is enjoyed  by the member

Answer : When a parliament is in session

Q43  Under order  41 rule  27 CPC additional evidence  can be laid  in the appellate court  on
Answer  :
Q44 The chief central  information commissioner  and information commissioners  shall be appointed  by
 Answer  : By the  president of  India  on recommendation  of a committee  consisting of prime minister Leader  of opposition  and union cabinet minister nominated  by prime minister

Q45  Supreme court   has laid down new concept of equality which aims at

Answer :  Effective  enforcement of fundamental rights
Q46  The concept  of  secularism as inserted by  42nd amendment  which was implicit  in the constitution
In the following words

 Answer  : Liberty  of belief  faith and worship
Q47  The legal  maxim ubi jus  ibi  remedium  means

Answer  : Where there is a right there is a remedy
Q48   Ram a police officer  has a warrant  of arrest  for vinod  He asks ravi  as to  the identity  of vinod .
Ravi knowingly tells Ram  and identifies subhas  as vinod  and consequently  ram arrests subhas

Answer : Ravi is guilty of abetment  by false representation
Q49  Keshavnand  Bharti  which overrules Golak Nath  lays down

Q50   Point out the incorrect statement
Quorum of  either  house (Lok Sabbha and Rajya Sabha ) shall be one fifth of  the total number of members  of the house
Q51  Articles 2 of the Indian Constitution provides to admit or establish new states by

Answer Parliament by law on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit.

Q52  Which of the following articles confer power on the supreme court  to issue appropriate   orders  or writs

Article 226  ,  article 137,  article  32  article 140

Answer  Article  137

Q53  When a person  is holding  a public for which he is not legally entitled , which  of the following  Writ   can  be issued

Answer  Writ  of  Quo  Warranto 
Q54 After 44th Amendment  of  Indian  Constitution   proclamation of emergency  may remain  into  force  for 

 Two months in the first instance  and if approved   by parliament  shall remain in force  for six months
Q55 The doctrine of  Res IPSA LOQUITUR means

Answer : A thing  speaks  for itself  for its tells its own story
Q56  The legal term quid pro quo means

Answer  : What for what
Q57 The period of  limitation for instituting a summary suit is  ---- from  the date on which  the debt becomes due

Answer  :  One Year

Q58  Sec  114 Evidence  act  1872  deals with

Answer  :  Legal Presumption
Q59  The evidence act  1872 applies to

Answer  D None of these
Q60  Confession  made while  in custody  of police are

Answer : In admissible
Q61  Opinion of  experts  is relevant  under

Answer  C  Both of above ( section 45 and  section 46)
Q62  The test identification parade u/s -9  of evidence act should be taken whom

Answer :
Q63   Accused   statement U/S  313 Cr P C  is to be recorded on oath

Q64  For summoning an accused u/s  319  of CRPC
Answer  : Statement u/s  161  CRPC is relevant
Q65  Ordinary place of trial is 

Answer  : Where the offence has been committed
Q66 Statement  u/s  161 of CRPC  can be used  to 

Answer  : Corroborate and  contradiction statement  in court
Q67  Enquiry is conducted  by magistrate with a view to

Answer :  

Q68  For proving an offence  u/s  307  of IPC

Answer intention to commit murder has to proved
Q69  Preparation to commit  murder is

 Answer : Not punishable
Q70 Preparation to commit docoity is a

Answer  : Punishable offence
Q71  An offense of cheating intention to cheat should be present

Answer : From the very beginning
Q72 Which sec of IPC  has been declared unconstitutional and (violate) violatve of art 14 and 21 Indian constitution

Answer  Sec 306
Q73  Inherent powers of courts are mentioned under which sec or order of CPC

Answer  Sec -151
Q74 CPC includes
Answer :  51 Order & 158 Sections
Q75  Temporary  injection relief  is mentioned  under which section of  CPC

Answer  : Order -39

Q76  CPC enforced  in

Answer  : 1908
Q77  How many  kinds of decree are

Answer  : Preliminary  and final
Q78 Consumer  dispute redressal forum  known as

Answer  :  District  Forum
Q79  The  pecuniary  jurisdiction of state consumer  commission is  

Answer : 20  Lakh 
Q80  Consumer  mentioned  u/s  2  includes

Answer  : C  Both of  them
Q81 Supreme court  includes medical services  in the case of 

Answer : Indian Medical Association  v  V P Shantha
Q82  Information  word includes

Answer  C  Both of them  ( record and documents)

Q83  Under  RTI act  the language of an application may be

Answer :  D  All of these 
Q84  The chief justice  and judges  of the high courts in India are appointed by  the

Answer : President of  India
Q85 The subject  matter  of theft

Answer  : Can be  movable property
Q86  Dishonest misappropriation  of property  has been defined

Under section 403 of IPC
Q87 in criminal breach of trust  the initial possession of  property

Answer : is  Innocent

Q88   A property  is called  stolen property  under section 410 of IPC if its possession of property

Q89  Which  of the following   is not a  public servant  ?

Answer :  Liquidator
Q90  A woman  ran to well  stating  she would  jump in it  but she  was caught  before  she could reach it
She is guilty of

Answer  : No  offense
Q91  under section 99  the right of private  defense is

Answer  available against  public servants  only when  their  acts cause  reasonable apprehension  of death or grievous  hurt

Q92  The maxim ‘de minimus non curatlex means

Answer : The law  does  not take action  on small and  trifling matter
Q93  Section 511 does not apply

Answer : Attempt to murder
Q94   The defense of  consent is restrictive in its applicability in cases involving

Answer :
Q95  Give correct answer  : in case of kidnapping  from lawful guardianship

Answer : Minor must under the age of 16 years  if a male or 18  years  if a female
Q96 Relevancy  is

Answer  : Question of law  but can be raised at any time

Q97  Admission to be relevant

Q98  Sections 91 of  the  evidence act

Answer  :  Prohibits admission of oral evidence  as to  the existence  or non  of factum 
Q99 Burden of proof lightened by

Answer : Presumption
Q100  Oral evidence of a fact invalidating  the documents is admissible

Provision 1 to section 92  of Indian evidence act
Q101 A document containing  a communication  from a husband to wife or vice versa  in the hands of third person

Answer : Either A Or B
Q102 in which case the supreme court held that material evidence  and not number witnesses has to be taken note to ascertain the truth of the allegations made  

Q103 Falsus  in uno  falsus  in omni bus is

Answer : A rule of evidence
Q104  The provision of  hostile witness  is provided  in section ------------- of Indian evidence act

Answer : 154

Q105  Court
questions cab be put by virtue of
Answer : Section  165 of evidence act
Q106  Which one of the  following is a public document

Answer   All of these
Q107  Plea of res-judicata

Answer :
Q108  A decision  on issue of law shall always   operate as  res-judicata

Answer :
Q109  How many  grounds of attack the foreign  judgment have been  provided  under section  13 of  CPC

 Answer :Six
Q110 Under order VII  Rule 11 of CPC

Answer : Whole of the plaint  is to be rejected
Q111 A person is an indigent  person within the meaning of order XXXIII rule of 1 of CPC, if he is not possessed  of

Answer : Sufficient means to pay the fee payable on the plaint
Q112 In a suit under order XXXVII rule  2 of CPC the defendant  has to put in appearance within

Answer : Ten days of service  of summon
Q113  Under section 100 of CPC  a second appeal  can be
Answer :
Q114  A reference under  section 113 of CPC can be made to the
Answer : High Court
Q115  Remedy  of revision is not available

Answer :
Q116   Which of the following  properties cannot  be attached in execution of a decree

Answer : Penricus
Q117  Private alienation of property by  the judgment debtor after attachment under section 64 (1)  of CPC is

Answer : Void
Q118 Abetment of proceedings is governed

Answer :
Q119  When a search is required  to be conducted outside india a criminal court may under section 166 A of CRPC issue a

Answer : Letter of Request
Q120 Who can grant warrant to search  for a document, parcel or other thing in the custody of the postal or telegraph authority

Answer : Both A& B
Q121 The power to arrest  a member of Lok Sabha  is provided under

Code of criminal procedure  1973

Q123  Which  one of the following document is not a valuable  security ?
Answer :
Q124 Preambleless statue is a rare occurrence. But there are  some statues do not have a preamble which  of the following statues has no preamble

Answer : Government of  India Act 1935
Q125 In which  of the following  cases  did the supreme court rule that harmony  and balance in fundamental rights and directive principles is the basic feature of Indian Constitution

Answer : Minerva Mills V UOI
Q126 There is  no reason to compel non smokers to be helpless victims of air pollution  was held in

Answer : Murali Derora V  Union of India
Q127 Which of the following  has the power to establish a common high court for two or more states and union territory

Answer : Parliament
Q128  Which article of the Indian  constitution  gives power  to governor to grant  pardon in certain cases

Answer : Article 161
Q129 Under article  141  if high court  distinguishing judgment  of apex court on ground that there  was no  elaborate discussion and  no reason  is discernible which is clearly  violative of judicial discipline held in

Q130  Part IV A  was added  to the constitution  of India by the
Answer : 42nd amendment

Q131 By which of the following  amendment act of 1985 anti defection law was added in the constitution

Answer : 52nd  Amendment
Q132 The amendment  procedure  laid down in Indian Constitution  on the pattern of

Answer : Constitution of Canada
Q133 Does appeal  lie in petty cases

  Answer : NO
Q134 Is refusal to record FIR by the in charge Police Officer punishable?

Q135  Under  CRPC  inherent power  is given to

Answer : High Court
Q136  The warrant has to be signed by

Answer : Judge or magistrate  who issued the  warrant

Q137 Non sealed warrant of arrest is

Answer :
Q138  How should the bond be secured  if the arrested person is not resident  in India ?

Answer : Bond need to be secured by  a surety or sureties resident of  India 
Q139  The  term obstruction used under section 41( 1)  CRPC  includes

Q140  The warrant of arrest  is ordinarily directed to

Answer : Police  officer 
Q141  Is it permissible to pursue an  offender  an arrest him in a foreign country

Answer : yes under proper authority of the country
Q142 A police officer can keep  a person under police custody  after his arrest  without the written sanction of magistrate  for

Answer : Not more than  24  Hours
Q143 Anticipatory bail  can  be granted by

Answer : Court of session and high court
Q144  Parliament has enacted  a path breaking legislation empowering people  and promoting transparency in public affairs  the name of law is

Answer : The Right to information act  2005   
Q145 The right to information act  extends to

Answer : Whole India  except  the state of  J & K
Q146   An appeal can be filed under  section 19 of the  right to information  2005 within

Answer : 30 Days
Q147 Which of the following has not been  defined  under section 2 of the right to information act

Q148  Central information commission  hold office  for a term of

Answer : Five Year

Q149 Under which  section of right to information act , information is given

Answer : Section 4
Q150 Under section 20 of the right to information act maximum penalty  can be imposed up to 

Answer  25000/-
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