Wednesday, 28 December 2011



(i)    Customer Services and Grievances

(a)      Post Office Guide - Part I
(b)     Compendium of Processing and Disposal of Public Complaints
(c)      Knowledge about DOPG, DOARPG and RTI cases
(d)     Consumer Forum/ Post Forum/ Citizen Charter
(e)      Central Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules
(f)      Conduct Rules
(g)     General Financial Rules

(ii)   Postal Operations

(a)      Postal Manual Volume V
(b)     Postal Manual Volume VI (Part I, II and III)
(c)      FHB Volume II
(d)     POSB Manuals (Volume I, II and III) OR Compilation of POSB Manual Volume I    and II written by Kanwaljit Singh, AD (FS), Department of Posts
(e)      Project Arrow-Blue Book


(a)    Knowledge of products and services of Department of Posts.

(b)    Marketing: Principles of marketing assessment of related products and services.

(c)    PLI/ RPLI, Post Office Insurance Fund Rule, outline knowledge about Insurance Schemes, Mutual Fund and other financial products and services in the market.

(d)    General Awareness and Current Affairs including general mental ability test covering logical reasoning (verbal and non verbal), numerical analysis (arithmetic) and basic mathematical equations and statistical tools like mean, median, mode, graphical representation of data, comprehension and basic language skills.

(e)    General principles of technology.
(f)    Basic technology requirement-computer, server, laptop
(g)    Connectivity of computers.

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